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Three Little Pigs Claymation Video March 23, 2008

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Students of all ages will enjoy this delightful adaptation of a childhood favorite!  I pitty the fool who doesn’t! 


Extreme Makeover Rationale

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Extreme Makeover:  Fairy Tale Edition Rationale 

Grade: 7

Unit:  Folk Tales, Fairy Tales, Fables and Myths

Standards:  Element: ELA7R1.i Identifies and analyzes similarities and differences in traditional literature from different cultures.

ELA7LSV1 Verbal Interaction: The student participates in student-to-teacher, student-to-student, and group verbal interactions

ELA7R1.b  Identifies and uses knowledge of common graphic features to draw conclusions and make judgments (e.g., graphic organizers, diagrams, captions, and illustrations.        

        Two different goals are embedded in this lesson.  The first goal is for students to use and understand the concept of compare and contrast through the use of a Venn diagram.  The second goal is for students to understand how fairy tales can be “fractured” and experience a media example.            

  This video is funny and entertaining, so the students are engaged and motivated to complete their Venn diagrams and share their findings.            

  There are a few challenges that may arise from the video.  Some students may find it difficult to complete the Venn diagram.  To help with this problem, teachers should show the video twice so that students are able to absorb more information.  Also, some students might need more examples of “fractured” fairy tales in order to complete the writing portion of the assignment.  To help with this, teachers should bring in additional books or videos as examples of “fractured” fairy tales.   

Questions to guide teaching:   * Who do you think made this video?  Kids?  Adults?  Why?  *  What sort of things made the video funny?  *  Do you think a first grader would think this was funny?   *  Who was the indented audience of this movie?  *  In what way was this fairy tale “fractured”?  *  In what other ways could the producers have “fractured” this tale?  

Other fractured fairy tales:

Fairy Tale Book List                         



Extreme Makeover Assignment

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Extreme Makeover:  Fairy Tale Edition

We’ve explored folk tales, myths, fairy tales and fables.  Now it’s time for some fun!

 1.  Pick a pal to be your partner.

2.  Together, you will be creating a Venn diagram similar to the ones that we created as a class. 

3.  Watch the “Pigs” video. 

 4.  Compare and contrast the video with the “original” version of the story by using a Venn diagram.  Each section must have at least six points.

  5.  After you have completed the Venn diagram, consider the following points and be prepared for a circle discussion. 

 * Who do you think made this video?  Kids?  Adults?  Why? 

*  What sort of things made the video funny? 

*  Do you think a first grader would think this was funny? 

  *  Who was the indented audience of this movie?

6.  With a partner of your choice, you will select one fairy tale and rewrite it from the viewpoint of a different character or object within the tale.  For example, you might rewrite Cinderella from the viewpoint of the “evil” stepsisters or the glass slipper.  You may also “modernize” the story similar to the video.  I can’t wait to display your wonderful work in the library!   Here are some online resources to get your brain pumping:

Specifics:  Your tale should be one to two pages typed and double spaced.  Your tale must have a creative title and a title page.  It should have a clear beginning and end.  Be creative!   You must include a drawing or painting with your tale.  Remember vivid verbs and descriptive language! 

Potential Tales to Re-Mix:  Beauty and the Beast, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, The Princess and the Pea, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Ugly Duckling.     

Extreme Makeover Fairy Tale- Due next Wednesday (project grade)

Venn diagram- due at the end of class (class work grade)


Taking It In or Giving It Out? March 6, 2008

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This post is in response to Dr. Tim Tyson’s speech at NECC 2007

I was a substitute for Cobb County last year.  I’ll never forget the excitement that flooded the halls of Mabry during the month of April.  The students buzzed with anticipation; teachers bragged endlessly about the accomplishments of their students.  Tonight was the first opportunity that I’ve had to watch those videos.  It’s mind-boggling that middle school students produced such beautiful work.  Their work is a motivator for me to offer these opportunities to my students.   

Dr. Tyson’s message to educators is vital in today’s technology-driven word.  He asks, “Why put things up on a bulletin board when we can share them with the world?”  I can’t think of a more motivating way to get students involved in their own learning and the learning of others than the production of a movie.   

What I found most interesting was the synthesis among the various content areas.  These videos blended scientific and social issues with the appropriate rhetoric and tone for the audience to which it was intended.  Projects like these give meaning to school.  They breathe life into the curriculum and join science with math with social studies with language arts.   

School MUST look different today than it did five or ten years ago.  But, it’s not enough to just use technology into the classroom.  Students have to see how this technology can “change the world.”  It’s not just “discreet” and “disconnected.”  Schools must give students the opportunity to think critically about the world around them.   Projects like these empower our students.  Every child in Dr. Tyson’s videos exuded confidence.  They were proud.   

I have some talented performers in my classes who love to act.  Inspired by the iMovies produced at Mabry, I decided to produce my own at McCleskey.  In no way will it ever live up to the amazing talent that is demonstrated by the iMovies featured in Dr. Tyson’s speech, I do know that my students are excited.  I was amazed at the surge of interest generated by a tiny poster that I placed outside my door.  I was even more amazed that my students are more than willing to meet outside of class in order to make this movie.  

It’s time for an upgrade to 2.0!    


The inspiration January 17, 2008

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You know you love it!


Practice January 15, 2008

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It is super fun to play with the presentation of your blog posts! 

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